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Double post

Double post but boyhood is such a good movie, 12 years to make and it was all worth it

Shout outz

I want to thank my mama for making me always try new things and be adventurous when I was younger. Seeing my nephew reminds me of when I was younger and I fought against her on everything. She does know best (y) and is a big reason I am who I am today. I admire her patience and aim to have the some of same qualities in the future.

so wet, potential next pair

so wet, potential next pair

Latourell falls - Oregon

Latourell falls - Oregon

Costco no longer develops film and puts it onto a CD starting today. I was lucky to get my roll finally developed but it’s going to be my last unfortunately.

Random shots from today

Botanical gardens - Los Angeles

Omg is this real life?

Omg is this real life?

The last two pieces of the puzzle, I’m pretty happy right now

Norwegian Wood
Closer (2004)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles

I now realize I was always a step behind. I feel super mind fucked right now.

Although this is a pretty private part of my life and family, I wanted to document this moment when my family was actually able to communicate and work together. This is my raw thoughts through text, no filter and no proof read.

If there is anything I am thankful for this holiday, it is that my family is working towards communicating well with one another and really focusing on how to improve ourselves instead of being frustrated and giving up. For once, our heated disputes have actually ended in calmly working together to understand one another. My mom understands that she cannot rely on my dad to do things for her, my dad realizes he will be poisoning my mom if he continues to do everything for her without her at least trying to troubleshoot the problem and finally, I realize that the time I have left with my parents is starting to dwindle, therefore I need to be not only a more respectful son, but work to be an integral part of our small family again.

Last statement is supposed to be “Dr. Phil ain’t got shit on me.” The knowledge has always been inside yourself, you just have to face it and find how to unlock it.